Narrator: The Nordiques are falling... Little Timmy Tremblay suddenly remembers his duty, according to prophecy, that he hold up a sign. Until now, nobody could see the sign for his height. But little Timmy uses all his might, and his Nordiques heart, to push it above the snow pack...

(Sign): Lesbians here!

Narrator: ...the prophecy had rhymed it with "Canadian Beer."

Narrator: ... And BoxJam's forces, being brutish, piggish, stereotypical men, react predictably...

Brute: Lesbians!?

Pig: Yuck!

Stereotypical Man: Please don't make me watch!

BoxJam: My army!

Narrator: BoxJam himself is quickly apprehended.

BoxJam: Eh heh heh...

Narrator: ... but the Nordiques, having saved Canada, started talking about fate and destiny... blah blah blah... and something something anyway they decided to let BoxJam go. Then they decided to take over Quebec and secede, enthroning little Timmy Tremblay.

Narrator: ... while BoxJam returned home and [stricken] became a 'hardcore love' star[/stricken] took out the trash.

BoxJam: *Sigh*