[[Ms. BoxJam and BoxJam are having an argument]]

Ms. BoxJam: You never clean up anything without being asked!

BoxJam: What are you talking about? I wiped down the kitchen last night!

Ms. BoxJam: Ooh - he wiped down the kitchen! call out the marching band! Give him a medal!

BoxJam: I didn't say that! I only brough it up because you said I never clean anything!

Ms. BoxJam: And you never do the laundry!

BoxJam: And!? First of all, you've told me not to do laundry, because I ruin everything...

BoxJam: But second of all, don't say 'and' because I do clean -

[[a yellow flag flies into the panel]]


[[Referee comes over]]

Referee: Delay of game - defense - five yards.

BoxJam: What!? All I'm doing is responding to her allegation I don't clean anything!

Referee: THAT little outburst is gonna cost you ten more. Let's move.

BoxJam: I don't know why I thought getting a referee would work to my advantage...