[[BoxJam rushes into a hospital emergency entrance.]]

BoxJam: How is he?

Ms. BoxJam: He was fine all day, then he just collapsed in pain from a sudden headache!

BoxJam (thinking): Sudden headache!? Oh my God, he's got a tumor! Brain tumors always start like that! Oh God please don't let him die!

Ms. BoxJam: [[obscured by BoxJam's word bubble]] ctor says it ...onds like a ...raine... you know... migraines, and... bly inherited... at from me...

BoxJam (thinking): Oh he's so brave! We just have to remember, it's not the end of the world - we can beat a brain tumor if we caught it early... oh God!!

Ms. BoxJam: [[still obscured]] ...t them when ...m stressed, so ...nk about his... nything too... ul in his life ... ow? - Hello?

Ms. BoxJam: Have you heard a word I've said!? Don't you even care about this!?