[[BoxJam and Little BoxJam are behind a curtain on a stage]]

BoxJam: What!?

Little BoxJam: I said I'm not going out there.

BoxJam: You have to go out there and say your poem... it's in the program! the whole show is waiting on you!

Little BoxJam: No...

BoxJam: I'll take you out for ice cream after...

Little BoxJam: No.

BoxJam: Buy you Legos?

Little BoxJam: No.

BoxJam: Get out there and recite, young man!

Little BoxJam: No.

BoxJam: Aww... come on!

Little BoxJam: No.

[[Ms. BoxJam walks over]]

Ms. BoxJam: You are going to go out there and say your poem, or I'm going out there and telling everyone just how much you mean to me, and how I love you to the stars and beyond.

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam stand together alone]]

BoxJam: That's why you're the Mommy...

Ms. BoxJam: Amateur.

Little BoxJam (ofscreen): Dogs are friendly and oh so fun - they fromp around in the warm spring sun...