[[BoxJam is on the floor cradling the head of an unconcious Mallethead in his arms]]

Caption: A mysterious person mysteriously approaches...

Caption: Look, everybody! It's Denouement Brown!*

Denouement Brown: It's okay, everyone! The amulet just had four-day sleeping gas, and BoxJam, your parents aren't hiding-they just hate you!

Mallethead: Unhh...

[[Denouement Brown laughs]]

*Denouement Brown is a creation of Adam Burke.

{{One of my favorite Adam Burke cartoons was an episode of "The Grimbles" featuring "Denouement Brown," a character actor brought in in movies to resolve plots that seemed unresolveable. As of this writing, Burke is doing a comic called "The Splendid Everlasting" at WebcomicsNation.}}