[[BoxJam comes up to Ms. BoxJam, who is holding a dripping wet BoxJamina]]

BoxJam: Hey - I came up with a top ten list! Listen to


Ms. BoxJam: Um, I'm a little bit busy...

BoxJam: 10. orange guys at the

waiting place

9. "nud"

8. Tallequah, Oklahoma

7. jazz records don't

cheat on you

6. Hookers, hookers, hookers

5. Clamato. 'nuff said.

4. It's less expensive, and more carcinogenic than ever!

3. If a billygoat can do it, I bet bill coates can, too

2. Quasi-frodo, and

1. sammiches!

[[Ms. BoxJam rolling her eyes]]

Ms. BoxJam: I... I don't know what to say...

BoxJam: Yeah... It's just amazing, isn't it?