[[Ms. BoxJam and Little BoxJam look at the grass.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Have you ever thought that maybe there's a whole tiny world living down in our grass?

Little BoxJam: Wow!

[[The grass is now taller than they are, and proportinately wider. They look up to see the top of the grass.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Thousands of tiny people, living their whole lives under the grasstops!

Little BoxJam: That's so cool!

[[They, and the grass taller than them, are split in half by a violent cut.]]


[[Back to normal size, Ms. BoxJam looks angrily at BoxJam, who is mowing the lawn and has just shorn the patch of grass they were looking at. Little BoxJam has been thrown back in shock.]]

Little BoxJam: ?

BoxJam: What?