[[BoxJam walks up to Ms. BoxJam with eyebrows raised enthusiastically, looking at a piece of paper.]]

BoxJam: Ha ha! Listen to this e-mail I got and printed out!

Ms. BoxJam: Do I have to?

[[BoxJam starts reading the e-mail to her.]]

BoxJam: Yes - get this - it's a list of ways you can tell somebody is from that city we live in! "1. You don't think it's unusual when someobdy is really late because of that famous traffic snarl everyone knows about!"

Ms. BoxJam: We live in the suburbs.

[[BoxJam continues reading and Ms. BoxJam rolls her eyes.]]

BoxJam: Oh - that's on here! "4. You say you're from the city, even though you live in the 'burbs." 'Burbs is short for suburbs!

[[BoxJam still continues, and Ms. BoxJam lowers her eyebrows and just stares.]]

BoxJam: "5. Nobody bats an eye when someobdy says their religion is that sports team from teh city. "6. Everybody knows how terrible that other sports team is, but loves them anyway."

[[BoxJam goes on, Ms. BoxJam winces.]]

BoxJam: "9. You go to that weekend spot everyone from around here goes to, and everyone you meet there is from here! "11. You're of the opinion that the local food specialty doesn't exist more than 20 miles from the city - sure, they call it the same thing - but it's not the same thing!"

[[BoxJam finally stops, and starts walking away.]]

BoxJam: I'm going to e-mail this to 30 people!

Ms. BoxJam: People you like or hate?

BoxJam: Haven't decided yet...