[[Lttle BoxJam is talking to BoxJam]]

Lttle BoxJam: did you know that when skateboarders like something, they say it's "sick"?

BoxJam: No, but I can't say as I'm surprised.

BoxJam: The first antonym-slang I was aware of like that was simply "bad", although I won't commit the baby boomer error of importance and claim it was the first ever...

[[Little BoxJam looking annoyed]]

BoxJam: Anyway, there have been many since... "wicked", "phat", "stoopid", "evil", and "sick" as you pointed out... if you want to make your own slang, just take

a word that's always meant something bad, and make it mean

"cool"..."malevolent", "disgusting", "gross", "insubordinate", "uncouth"...

[[BoxJam comes up to Ms. BoxJam, who is at the sink]]

BoxJam: Little Jam says I'm old and boring...

Ms. BoxJam: Oh! I've heard that means "good" now!