[[A sign reads: meet Chet Daniels, star of early 60's TV show "Along The Appalachian Trail" (AT2)]]

[[BoxJam is standing in a line going through a door and reading the above sign]]

BoxJam (thinking): What a helpful sign!

[[Chet Daniels is standing on stage behind a podium talking to the audience]]

Chet Daniels: Yeah, those two years were the happiest of my life... they seem like yesterday. Suddenly, it's forty years later - I mean, life is @#%in' short, folks! - and, "Hey, Chet, you're old

and ready to die!"

Chet Daniels: They say you're only as old as you feel - bull @#%$!! I feel like the same guy I did at 27 - but guess what! I'm half

*#$%in' deaf, my joints hurt constantly, I've got itching, burning sensations, and the grim reaper doesn't give a flying @#$% if I feel like I'm 27 inside! People, don't waste your time at these things! I'm an old codger. The end. Now go live your own life before it's too late - you won't believe how #$*@ short it all is!

[[Ms. BoxJam is in bed and BoxJam is standing next to the bed]]

Ms. BoxJam: Well, was it as good as last year?

BoxJam: Better!! Can I go again next year?

Ms. BoxJam: Sure.