[[A small child watches BoxJam sleeping.]]

[[He follows a sleepy BoxJam walking.]]

[[He watches BoxJam draw.]]

[[He follows BoxJam as he leaves for the day.]]

[[He stands with BoxJam at the "Wait Here" sign.]]

[[He walks home with BoxJam.]]

[[He follows BoxJam as he greets his family.]]

[[He sits as BoxJam reads to BoxJamina and Little BoxJam.]]

[[He sits on the couch with BoxJam, both dull-eyed, watching TV.]]

[[He follows BoxJam as he trudges off to bed.]]

[[BoxJam is asleep.]]

Child: Well...you try hard.

{{I thought this comic was obtuse, so I was pleased that people posted in my forum that they got the jist of it. It was inspired by a quote that's always stuck with me: "Would the child you were be proud of the man you are?"}}