{{The dialog on this comic changes - there are two versions of each utterance in the first two panels}}

BoxJam v1: I've decided to master the art of lucid dreaming!

BoxJam v2: Me derided Forester Thibault of Lake Drainee!

Ms. BoxJam v1: Is that where you're dreaming, but you know it's a dream?

Ms. BoxJam v2: If that were your creamery, what would you incinerate?

BoxJam v1: Exactly! The key is to have failsafe tests I do all the time to determine if I'm awake or asleep!

BoxJam v2: Examine this pea in the elephantine nests, Kato. Alas, key lime pie tempts me from anemone studies!

Ms. BoxJam v1: They say a good one is to read something, look away, then read it again...

Ms. BoxJam v2: Whey lays a poor hormone trail. Soothing, good trays can keep in a hen...

BoxJam: Wait a minute - you just said something different!

Ms. BoxJam: Well yeah. The readers are asleep...