[[BoxJam is watching TV, Ms. BoxJam is standing behind him]]

Ms. BoxJam: More talk about airline bankruptcies?

BoxJam: Yeah... people are still afraid to fly...

[[Ms. BoxJam is now leaning on the side of the couch as they talk]]

BoxJam: People need to fly again! they need to realize a 9/11 couldn't happen again! One of the key elements of 9/11 was that 15 of the 19 hijackers didn't know it was suicide!

BoxJam: Next time, the hijackers would know! One of them would rethink at the last minute!

BoxJam: All you hear from the Middle East is a suicide bomber every few days... what you never hear about is the ones every day who, at the last minute, don't go through with it!

BoxJam: Each day there's not a suicide bomber, we should think, "Somebody walked away today."

[[They look at each other]]

Ms. BoxJam: You're cute when you're undermining terrorist strategy.