[[BoxJam and ms BoxJam are standing beside a time machine]]

BoxJam: well, I built a time

machine so I can go back

and stop those "red bull

energy drink" commercials,

but now I'm having second

thoughts... time travel usually

brings about ironic punishments

for those who alter the past...

ms BoxJam: yeah, but it would

be nice to be rid

of those commercials...

[[BoxJam steps into the machine]]

BoxJam: okay, then...

wish me lu-

ms BoxJam: I was


[[BoxJam steps out of the machine]]

well I'm back!

no more red bull

ads, and things

look pretty normal!

ms BoxJam: the new

national sport

is soccer.

BoxJam: WAUGHH!!

ms BoxJam: I got you

a pennant.