[[BoxJam walks into a building under a sign that reads "Book, Look and Listen Appreciation Society"]]

[[BoxJam at a podium]]

BoxJam: I'd like to discuss our "raison d'etre..." nobody remembers this mid-70's product of Maryland Public Television but us!

[[BoxJam walks from the podium to the one chair, empty.]]

[[BoxJam in the chair, raising hand]]

BoxJam: I suggest that maybe that alone justifies our existence - if we don't remember, who will?

[[BoxJam at the podium, speaking to the empty chair]]

BoxJam: If we don't remember, what does it matter then? There will be nobody to say, "you should remember this!" Do we even think the show was good?

[[BoxJam in chair, speaking to the empty podium]]

BoxJam: Not "good," per se...but it may have been the first show that so quickly had characters not appear, and have, essentially, one-person shows because the other actors simply weren't there! I can't believe we're even having this conversation!

[[BoxJam at podium]]

BoxJam: It's a question we must face! I can't be part of a club I'm not sure should exist!

[[BoxJam in chair]]

BoxJam: Well, if that's how you feel, why don't you just leave?]]

[[BoxJam returns to the podium to storm off in a huff.]]

[[BoxJam is in the chair.]]

BoxJam: He'll be back...