[[ms BoxJam is handing BoxJam a bag of trash]]

BoxJam: what if the world

was created, and

is watched over,

by a malevolent


[[BoxJam is now holding the bag of trash]]

ms BoxJam: what?

BoxJam: well, the two

major camps seem

to be benevolent

god, and no god...

why not consider

evil god?

ms BoxJam: that's


BoxJam: why is a good god

more likely than a

bad one? it would

explain all the bad

things that happen...

BoxJam: maybe we're created,

and given eternal

life simply as torture...

eternity would eventually

be unbearably boring,

would it not?

[[ms BoxJam looks at BoxJam]]

[[ms BoxJam walks away looking mad]]

ms BoxJam: oh, yee.

BoxJam: oh, and beets.

it would explain

those, too.