[[BoxJam is helping Little BoxJam with his math]]

Little BoxJam (writing): 724 - 237 = 497

BoxJam: No, if you borrowed 10 so you could subtract 7 from 4, then you don't have 2 anymore in the tens column...

[[Little BoxJam crosses out 497 and writes 496]]

BoxJam: What? No...OK, you probably got confused when I said "borrow"...that's what they called it when I was a kid... It's the tens column you need to look at!

[[Little BoxJam crosses out 496 and writes 507]]

BoxJam: No! Don't just keep changing numbers until I say it's right! I want you to understand this, so think about it!

[[Little BoxJam, looking very angry, crosses out 507 and writes 506]]

BoxJam: No! Listen! 14-7 *is* 7. But if there's only 1 left in the tens, then you need to get a hundred from the hundreds so you can do 10 minus 30...

[[Little BoxJam is looking very angry and violently crosses out 506 and writes 307]]

BoxJam (looking upset): 487. The answer is 487.

[[BoxJam is left alone standing by the math looking upset]]

BoxJam: I thought we really bonded there... what do you think?