[[Ms. BoxJam comes up to BoxJam]]

Ms. BoxJam: Try to be useful for once, and clean the bathroom...

BoxJam: Now wait a minute!

[[BoxJam looks mad]]

BoxJam: I do a lot for this family! I get the kids ready for school, I earn money, I put the kids to bed, I help clean, but all I ever hear about is stuff I don't do!

[[BoxJam looks very mad]]

BoxJam: I hope you appreciate me, because I'd be impossible to replace!

[[Ms. BoxJam snaps her fingers]]

[[3 random guys come up]]

Random guys: We would each love to be married to your

wife, and would be here in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose...

[[The random guys walk off, BoxJam is staring at Ms. BoxJam]]

BoxJam: I always wondered who those three guys in the shed were...