[[BoxJam has a small bite taken out of his head]]

BoxJam: How much interest do we pay on the national debt?

Ms. BoxJam: About $332,536,958,599.42 a year or so...

[[BoxJam's missing head chunk has grown.]]

BoxJam: Using my super calculation abilities* and a U.S. population estimate of 281,421,906, every person's taxes need to be $1,181.63 higher than they would just to pay the interest on the debt!

Ms. BoxJam: For a family of four, we need to pay $4,726.52 - we're going to need a tax cut to come up with that kind of money!

Footnote: *first mention in Ep 342- BoxJam in the 24th dimension - Ed.

[[BoxJam's missing head chunk is bigger. A robot is behind him.]]

BoxJam: Could you ask that robot to stop eating my head?