[[BoxJam works a bellows, which stokes a fire, which is underneath some boiling thing.]]

<< bubble bubble drip! >>

[[BoxJam goes to the other side of the device to watch a small couple of drops of some liquid pour off the boiling pot down a thin trough.]]

<< flow flow flow >>

[[The small trough leads down to the ground, and BoxJam kneels and positions a piece of paper under the trough down which the bubbles are flowing.]]

<< flow flow >>

<< position position >>

[[BoxJam looks wide as the drops drip onto the paper.]]

<< Drip! >>

[[BoxJam is back working the bellows, stoking the fire under the boiling liquid.]]

Ms. BoxJam: How's the "Luddites of America" application coming?

BoxJam: Slowly...