[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam look at the kids in bed.]]

Caption (in verse): Each year 'round this time (this Monday right now), / when it's kind of cold and the last leaves have fallen, / comes the night the kids go to bed early, / awaiting a visit from jolly Slip-Sollen.

[[A man with pointy-ears and wearing a hat like Mercury slips in the window.]]

Caption (in verse): He jimmies a window, / slips in without sound, / steps carefully over the lamp cord, / and begins making his rounds.

[[Slip Sollen stands back to the wall by the slightly-ajar door to a darkened room.]]

Caption (in verse): To each child's room he sidles most deftly, / while taking great pains to make not a noise, / and takes 27, um, 28 cents from his...fanny pack, / and leaves it on night stands of good girls and boys.

[[Slip Sollen, by the bed, slaps his forehead and quickly makes a balloon animal.]]

Caption (in verse): Then he tiptoes away, / and, um, no, before he leaves, / makes balloon animals for each child he spies, / and ties it to their...pajama top sleeves.

Caption (new paragraph): Yes, their SLEEVES. Does ol' Slip-Pollen-ImeanSOLLEN.

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam enjoying a quiet dinner with a bottle of wine.]]

Ms. BoxJam: How'd you get the kids to bed so early?

BoxJam: Magic. Oh, do we have any balloons?