[[BoxJam is holding a trash can. It sparkles. He shows it to Ms. BoxJam.]]

BoxJam:: Look! I got the new trash can!

Ms. BoxJam:: Great!

[[BoxJam puts it down, and stands admiring it, arms akimbo.]]

BoxJam: She'll do thirty gallons, and her lid is carbon-steel alloy that can withstand being run over!

Ms. BoxJam: Great.

[[BoxJam squats down closer to the trash can, which continues to sparkle.]]

BoxJam: She's got Wind-Whipper (tm) Striations to help her stay fast and true in any storm.

Ms. BoxJam: I'm walking away now...

[[BoxJam lies on the ground and props his head up with hands, still admiring the trash can.]]

BoxJam: And she doesn't have any payments for twelve months!

Ms. BoxJam: I'm coming back now...