[[Ms. BoxJam is asleep and rolled over facing away from BoxJam, and BoxJam is sitting up in bed reading.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Stop snoring.

BoxJam: Huh? I'm not even asleep...

Ms. BoxJam: You were asleep, and loud as all get out. Stop it.

BoxJam: I fell asleep reading? I don't feel like I was asleep...

[[Ms. BoxJam looks at BoxJam.]]

Ms. BoxJam: There you go again! Please stop snoring!

BoxJam: But how could I be - oh, never mind.

[[Ms. BoxJam rolls back over. BoxJam gets out of bed.]]

[[Their boat.]]


[[From the boat.]]

[[BoxJam gets up from in the boat, with his mouth covered to prevent sound and answers the phone.]]

BoxJam: Mmmph?

Ms. BoxJam: PLEASE stop already!