[[BoxJam turns a corner to find Ms. BoxJam advising her children.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Remember, kids - If you spot Bup, don't use the chloroform indiscriminately... just enough to incapacitate him for a minute!

[[BoxJam withdraws behind the corner of the wall, while Ms. BoxJam continues.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Now... let's spread out and find him!

[[Little BoxJam and BoxJamina chase their father holding chloroform-soaked rags.]]

[[As BoxJam runs up stairs, Little BoxJam runs up stairs that go the opposite direction.]]

[[Traditional Scooby-Doo chase scene with the hallway of doors, BoxJam and BoxJamina are running.]]

[[Now the doors are everywhere, different sizes. BoxJam, BoxJamina, and Little BoxJam run to different doors.]]

[[BoxJamina standing on the shoulders of Little BoxJam stop BoxJam in his tracks. The chloroform fumes enter his nose.]]

BoxJam: OK... You got me! I...~


[[BoxJamina and Little BoxJam see their father fall forward to the ground.]]

[[Ms. BoxJam appears, and BoxJam and BoxJamina each grab one of their father's feet. BoxJam has 'x' eyes.]]

Ms. BoxJam: That's 27... when eh wakes up, we'll do it again... only 973 to go, and we'll be even...

BoxJam: Honey: I'm 1000 times sorry for all the grie~

[[And the e trails off.]]