[[BoxJam and son follow a crowd through a door]]

[[BoxJam and son move towards some empty seats in a busy stadium.]]

[[BoxJam and son shown in seats amongst a large crowd with no empty seats around them.]]

[[View of a large packed stadium from afar]]

Announcer: Before tonight's game the home team has requested that a certain person - who is so terrible at every sport that his mere presence may make the atheletes do worse - leave. Ladies and gentlemen, plase direct your attention to BoxJam - Leaving!

[[A spotlight is present on BoxJam as his son sneaks off to the side with the eyes of the people around BoxJam watching him.]]

[[A distant view of the stadium is filled with a chorus of "ha ha's" as BoxJam and son leave on their boat]]

BoxJam: How was I to know?

Son: This happened last time they sent you free tickets!