[[BoxJam on a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" type show]]

Quiz Show Host: For one million dollars...name a food that does not contain okra...

[[BoxJam thinks]]

[[Long dramatic shot. BoxJam thinking]]

BoxJam: Gumbo?

Quiz Show Host: No, I'm sorry...according to this, gumbo does contain okra...also, on this show, you go home with nothing...

[[Disgraced BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam on the way home in the family boat]]

Ms. BoxJam: A million dollars! How could you have blown a million dollars?

BoxJam: Well...do you know any foods that don't contain okra?

[[Ms. BoxJam broods, apparently unable to think of a reply.]]

Caption: Does ANYBODY know any foods that don't contain okra? Or is it the universal ingredient?