[[BoxJam checking the mail]]

BoxJam: Jun...bill...junk...Oh! Jury Duty! Hon, I've got JURY DUTY!

Ms. BoxJam: *Jury duty!?*

BoxJam: Jury duty! My chance to publicly serve, to fultill my citizen responsibility!

Ms. BoxJam: I'm so happy for you, I'm almost jealous!

BoxJam: It's been so long...almost two years...I was afraid they'd forgotten about me...but they didn't forget! They hadn't forgotten at all!

Ms. BoxJam: Tonight we have pie! Jury duty pie!

[[BoxJam in line at the court house]]

BoxJam: I'm ensuring our constitutional right to trial by jury of one's peers!

Some guy in line: Me too, bud! Right on!

Some woman in line: You too? Yay!