[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam are asleep in bed. BoxJam wakes up]]

BoxJam: WAUGH! My arm is so asleep it feels ilke a dead arm lying on me, and I can't make it move!

[[Ms. BoxJam is startled awake by this]]

BoxJam: Look! All I can do is flail it uncontrollably! One of these days I'll wake up and it'll be so dead, it'll never wake up! I'll lose my arm! Auugghh!!

[[Ms. BoxJam looks angry]]

BoxJam: Look at it just hanging there pathetically! Isn't it weird? Wait... now I'm getting some tingling- but it kind of hurts! Oh, the agony!

[[Ms. BoxJam covers her head with her pillow]]

BoxJam: OK, here we go...pumping it like this is kind of helping...that's not in your way, is it? It really helps.

[[Ms. BoxJam looks very mad]]

[[BoxJam has calmed down and is lying down, Ms. BoxJam looks mad]]

Ms. BoxJam (thinking): Well, officer, I just found him with his arm torn off and looking like somebody beat him to death with it...

BoxJam: That's better...oh no! my foot's starting to cramp up!