BoxJam: I found a clown for 'Mina's party!

Ms. BoxJam: You? You hate clowns!

[[He hands her a business card.]]

BoxJam: This guy's OK - he helped me fix a flat on the way home.

Ms. BoxJam: Fix a flat.

BoxJam: Yeah...he knows lots about car repair, nutrition, emergency preparedness...says he can't stand all those silly clowns...

Ms. BoxJam (reading): "Pragma the Clown~ your rubber-meets-the-road take-charge freedom-loving prince of buffoonery with the 'can do!' attitude"

BoxJam: ...says he trained in Germany at the Deutschen Institute f�r Ha Ha Laffen...

Ms. BoxJam: Really.

{{I got this idea from the original "Little Engine that Could," which features a clown who assumes leadership of all the toys on the train, and was an expert in all things railroad. Still needs a punchline.}}