[[A group of dads, including BoxJam, are sitting on bleachers, apparently watching a little league game]]

Dad 1: C'mon Ky... Be a hitter!

Dad 2: Let's go!

Dad 3: Be like Flash!

BoxJam: Rockheads get it done! Woo!

Dad 1: The Flash? Your kid like "Justice League"?

Dad 2: Good eye, Kyle!

Dad 3: Yeah, The Flash is his favorite... He's a smart aleck...

BoxJam: Let's play both sides of the ball!

Dad 1: Nice cut, Kyle! They made Batman interesting too...

Dad 2: Just straighten that out! Yeah, the new "Justice League" isn't half bad...

Dad 3: "Both sides of the ball?"

BoxJam: Don't just be a hitter, be a ballplayer! I don't like the new one, because my favorite hero was Aquaman...

Dad 1: Aquaman?

Dad 1, 2, and 3: Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[[BoxJam is lying on the ground, pummeled]]

BoxJam (thinking): I probably shouldn't mention about the Wonder Twins, then...