[[BoxJam is on his knees, talking with Clarence the angel]]

BoxJam: Alright,Clarence, I've changed my mind -- I want to live! I want to live!

[[BoxJam runs through the snow to his house.]]

BoxJam: I'm alive! I'm alive! Ms. BoxJam! Kids! I'm home!

[[BoxJam enters his home to find Ms. BoxJam, Little BoxJam, BoxJamina, Mallethead (holding his hat), and other nondescript persons. BoxJam throws his arms around Ms. BoxJam]]

Ms. BoxJam: BoxJam -- it's a miracle! All our friends showed up to say they'd love to help us, but they ust can't . . . But then we got this offer up to $25,000 more credit at 19.99%!

BoxJamina: Bup -- Teacher says every time a bell rings --

BoxJam: Tell teacher to choke it.