[[BoxJam and Mallethead]]

BoxJam: Hey, Mallethead - what's round on both ends and high in the middle?

Mallethead: I DON'T KNOW - WHAT?

[[an anthropomorphized scab is making a muscle]]

Caption: Muscle-bound! Scabs are high in protein! Scientists estimate that if they were living creatures, scabs could lift FOUR TIMES their own body weight!

Side note: Believe it or not! Most mountain climbers have scabs! More scabs have scaled Mt. Everest than people!

Caption: Project Corner

[[a scab carries a paint can past some protesters]]

Scab art! With a permanent marker pen, make a face around your scab, making it the mouth - maybe that's the expression you made when you got the scab!

[[a face surrounds a scab, making it look like the face is either throwing up or coughing up blood]]

[[BoxJam shows Mallethead a scab]]

BoxJam: This scab!

[[Mallethead slaps his face]]