Offscreen singing: Dont les artifices maudits ont fini par faire un inf�me...

Offscreen singing: De celui que j'amais jadis!

Little BoxJam: Bup...

BoxJam: Shh... yes, I hear it too...

BoxJam: Oh no - it's one of those traveling operas!

[[An opera goes by as BoxJam and Little BoxJam hide behind a trash can]]

Diva: Pret�gez moi! � seigneur!

BoxJam: That was close!

Little BoxJam: Yeah!

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Opera Alert Level: High

Citing unnamed sources "close to us" Attorney General John Ashcroft flipped the opera threat level back to high, or orange, on the opera scale. Orange represents the second-highest threat of opera, just below red. The opera threat meter has only been red once, when a statement, purportedly from Andrew Lloyd Weber, claimed that his new opera would "take the world by storm." It was quickly lowered back to green when it was learned the 'new play'