[[BoxJam is at the front of the line. The counter has the logo "Burger World"]]

Cashier: Yes, sir...may I take your order?

BoxJam: Yeah, I'd like a chicken-ranch-TexMex-Caesar sub on crackle honey-wheat bread...

Cashier: Um...that's not on our menu...

BoxJam: Your MENU!? HA! It's not even on your RADAR!

[[BoxJam looks around. The other customers look embarrassed]]

BoxJam: Who's with me? Woo!

[[The restaurant just stares at him, dumbfounded. The cashier blinks.]]


[[Exterior shot of Burger World; BoxJam walking away]]

BoxJam: Jeez...in the commercials the guy's like a hero...

{{Ah, topical humor. There was a commercial for Subway where the Subway-loving jerk would troll a Wendy's-looking place, ordering something he knew they didn't have. I was embarrassed for the guy, that his sense of self-worth came from attempting to humiliate minimum wage burger jockeys.}}