BoxJam's Brain: WAHWAH! Sha-BOOZIE! (yeah~yeah~) WAHWAH! Sha-BOOO-ZAY...

Ms. BoxJam: How far are you in your book?

BoxJam: I'm only eight pages in- I can't get the "Shaboozi" song out of my head!

BoxJam's Brain: (Gonna JUMP in your shaboozi... gonna ROMP in your shaboozi *BWAHT*BWAHT*)

Ms. BoxJam: No, we've talked about this before, remember? The "Shaboozi" song doesn't exist!

BoxJam: Oh yeah...

BoxJam' Brain: (Sha! Sha! Sha! ShaBOOZI! Shalsh*...)

BoxJam: That's a shame. I kind of like the "Shaboozi" song.