{{a guest comic. Screwball McGoo used to draw Nerdz, at http://www.screwballmcgoo.net/ . It was worse drawn than BoxJam's Doodle, but funnier. If I may boast, neither is easy to do. I miss it.}}

[[picture of cereal box]]

Caption: Hey kids! BoxJammo's Cereal!

[[a sphere]]

Caption: With BoxJam heads,

[[another sphere]]

Caption: BoxJam eyes,

[[a scribbled purple mass]]

Caption: and purple Hudson marshmallows!

[[a bowl of cereal with milk pouring in]]

Caption: ...that talk when you add milk!

Cereal: Kill me! Kill me! Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!

[[In the corner is the Vegemellow trademark]]

Caption: Courtesy of Screwball McGoo