[[BoxJam sits in an audience]]

Speaker: ...but these QUALITY art supplies save you money in the long run, because of their durability!

[[BoxJam gets out of his seat.]]

Speaker: ...and let's face it! If you want to make quality art, you need quality art supplies! It just stands to reason!

[[BoxJam, hand to mouth and squinching his eyes, walks past a sign]]

Sign: "Thinly-disguised-sales-pitches-presented-as-art-professionals-gathering-po" 2003! Cobretti Room ->

[[BoxJam n the parking lot]]


BoxJam: *Whew*

[[As BoxJam walks back in, another guy walks out]]

BoxJam: I'm sure I'll be with you in another minute...

Guy: Mmph...

Speaker (offscreen): Don't think value products are the less money products! Quality products are value products!