[[BoxJam comes up to Ms. BoxJam and the kids]]

BoxJam: Hey everybody! I'm taking us out to Dave's!

Ms. BoxJam: You mean Dave's Italian Kitchen?

Little BoxJam: Whoo!

BoxJam: The same! Just like it says at DavesIK.com!

Ms. BoxJam: I love the vegetarian-friendly menu without the attitude!

Little BoxJam: Dave's means Bup really loves us!

[[BoxJam and the family in the car]]

'Mina: Dave's has been an Evanston fixture for 30 years!

BoxJam: That's right sweatpea!

Ms. BoxJam: All this sucking up is so nauseating I'm losing my appetite!

Little BoxJam: But surely not for Dave's!

[[the family at the restaurant, BoxJam holding the door open for Ms. BoxJam]]

BoxJam: Besides, this free advertising may get us free food - if you

don't hork!

Ms. BoxJam: You're not helping...

Caption: Eat at Dave's so we can eat free! (unless we hork)