[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam are writing cards]]

BoxJam: You know the Myersons? Did she keep her maiden name?

Ms. BoxJam: Yeah... what about Cindy and Doug - did she keep hersr?

BoxJam: Only for professional situations, not a social invitation... don't Jim and Maggie spell their kid's name stupidly?

Ms. BoxJam: Yes, it's A-m-y-i-e... did Carrie and Pete do something completely affected with their last name?

BoxJam: Only if you think the lasst name

"Epstei-lisee" is affected... Millie- kept, changed, or hyphenated?

Ms. BoxJam: I don't know...

[[BoxJam and Ms. BoxJam look at each other, panicked]]

[[they get rrreeeaaally upset]]

BoxJam/Ms. BoxJam: We don't know and there's no socially

graceful way to find out!!!

Caption: Being liberal means never knowing what the hell

your friends' names are.