[[BoxJam begins telling a story, a cloud appears below him showing two boys lying in beds adjacent to one another.]]

BoxJam: "Probably the creepiest story I ever read was when I was a kid in the waiting room of my pediatrician's office... It was about these two boys in a hospital..."

[[One of the boys has his hand raised and a lightbulb above his head.]]

BoxJam: "One of the boys was real sick, so the other one told him how he'd heard if you slept with your hand raised, Jesus would come during the night and take you."

[[The boy who was told the story, has his hand raised with x's for eyes.]]

BoxJam: "In the morning the sicker kid was dead with his hand raised, and the payoff line was 'Jesus had understood.' At the time, I just registered it all as an uncomfortable warm buzzing feeling in my gut, but now I look back and it raises so many questions - Was it meant for terminal kids? Why was it in a book with 'normal' stories? Did terminal kids think Jesus abandoned them when it didn't work? Were adults just stupid then?"

[[The cloud ends, revealing a storytelling BoxJam next to his son lying in bed sick, with thermometer in mouth and tissues on bed."

Little BoxJam: You suck, Bup.