{{I drew this in about 1987. For whatever reason, a friend of mine still had it in 2004 and sent it to me. It's a piece of paper with lots of badly drawn stuff}}

[[Chapter 10: More On the Breakup - Or, How to Get Dumped- not intended to be, but an inherently male view]]

[[Picture of Groening ripoff girl and boy rabbits]]

Girl Rabbit: Look, I like you as a friend...

[[How People Handle It]]

[[1. A large woman named 'Marla']]

Marla: Eating

[[2. 'Biff,' a guy with black eye, broken nose, and scar]]

Biff: Senseless violence

[[3. 'Blommo', a particulary poorly drawn guy standing funny with a magnifying glass]]

Blommo: Standing funny " burning ants with a magnifying glass

[[4. 'Marie,' pregnant]]

Marie: Meaningless Relationships

5. [[A gravestone]]

Caption: Tom. (Tom?)

Strange margin writing: Cartoon of the apocalypse. Because somebody's always getting dumped.

[[A "letter"]]

Dear Bronky, I have thought it over, " I take back everything I said. I've been taking you for granted " I didn't realize how much I'd miss you. Please, will you take me back? I still love you - Carol

P.S. Just a joke - "the guys"

There are lots of words for getting dumped!

Later / Sayonara / Getting cheezed / "Zesty Orange" / Whompin' the Tuna / big splashdown / Takin' the fall / Oog City / Wangle This, Lover

[[One-eared Rabbit by phone]]


Voice on phone: Hello, Brinky? Look, I don't know what to say, but I'm real sorry things didn't work with you " Daisy-Jane

Voice on phone: Look, my man, I don't know how I can help, but...

Voice on phone: But, look, if you even need someone to (mmpph) talk to or...

Voice on phone: Or, you know, (stop!) whatever, I mean, look, I'm (hee!) here, and...

Voice on phone: And, like (that tickles!), you know, ah, ahh... (not...oh God!) ahh wheneve...look, Brinky, I gotta (ohh!) go...


[[picture of a Beatle]]

Beatle (singing): Yesterday...

Quote: "Once I had a friend who got dumped. He swore off women " still doesn't go out with them. Ha ha! Get it?" - Andy Kaufman (dead now)

Quote: "Being dumped is like having a baseball bat fired into your...stomach [at] close range." - Blompo

Quote: "Sometimes I think of the horrible pain women undergo during childbirth...and I smile." - Telly Savalas