[[BoxJam at a dais]]

BoxJam: My opponent both has the most liberal voting record in the history of everything, AND constantly flip-flops!

[[Ms. BoxJam walks up]]

Ms. BoxJam: That's patently ridiculous!

BoxJam: Huh?

Ms. BoxJam: If he's been on both sides of so many issues, how could his voting record fall out so extremely liberal?

BoxJam: Because he IS so liberal...the most liberal, proven by scientific statistics!

Ms. BoxJam: But...then, he can't be a flip-flopper, right?

BoxJam: No, he is! For first he votes for something, then he votes against it! Then he votes for something else, then he votes against it!

Ms. BoxJam: Those claims are mutually exclusive!

BoxJam: I know! What a ridiculous flip-flopper!

[[George W. Bush, wearing a t-shirt that says "Don't ask me for [obscured]"]]

W: I'm a cog in dis' instance, and I approved this message.

{{I was gratified I got a lot of links to this comic from blogs/message boards that thought I made a worthwhile point. I wish John Kerry had addressed these concurrent attacks as being ridiculous. I felt especially vindicated when a blogger tried to defend the attacks, having it both ways (claiming the flip-flop was on foreign issues, the liberal domestic). When I responded at his blog he deleted my comment.}}