[[BoxJam stands in line - ahead in the line is a sign that says 'VOTE!']]

BoxJam: With all the reports of mistakes, intimidation and fraud going on, I hope America's true voice is going to be heard!

BoxJam: I mean, most American's are good, but it's scary how few "baddies" it takes to subvert the process!

[[A fairy appears]]

Fairy: Don't fret, m'lad! All we have to do is remember Nixon!

BoxJam: <> Tinker-Poll!

Tinkerpoll: That's me! In 1960, Richard Milhous Nixon didn't contest the vote - because he was a gentleman!

BoxJam: Gosh, Tink, and here I thought Nixon publicly conditionally conceded, but asked for recounts in eleven states!

Tinkerpoll: Not so! Would Tinker-Poll lie to you?

BoxJam: Guess not!

Tinkerpoll: Right! Oh, don't look now, but Tinker-Poll has a gift for you!

BoxJam: Thanks, Tink!

[[Around BoxJam's neck appears a chain with the glowing letters WWND?]]

Tinkerpoll: Now remember, no matter how many voters you hear about purged from the rolls, no matter how many thousands are challenged or denied, just lie back and dream of Nixon!

BoxJam: Nixon's our shining eaxample in election-year strife! Thanx, Tinker-Poll!

[[BoxJam hands his ballot to an election judge, who sits dazed with a trash can full of ballots and a ballot on the floor]]