[A BoxJam looks wary]

Voice-Over: For every spider you see, there are eighteen million you touch and never realize!

[BoxJam sleeps while spiders crawl and dangle]

Voice-Over: You ingest (eat) 36.2 spiders a month while sleeping!

[BoxJam stands on a grid, each node of which is a spider]

Voice-Over: You're never more than 17 inches from a spider!

[BoxJam tries to talk to a giant spider, who has 4 legs crossed]

Voice-Over: Spiders never age! And they can't be frozen, drowned, tortured, or reasoned with!

[BoxJam's legs are covered with spiders]

Voice-Over: Scientists estimate that 42% of every person's body weight is spiders!

[Graveyard, struck by lightning]

Voice-Over: Dead people who are given a jolt of electricity will usually repeat the very last thing they ever said!

Grave 1: AAAAAH!!

Grave 2: Oh, @#!"?!!

Grave 3: AAAAH!

Grave 4: Rosebud...

Grave 5: AAAH!

Grave 6: What's this button do?

Grave 7: AAAAH!

Grave 8: Oh, @#(storm cloud) (scribble)!!

[BoxJam sits, listening to Little BoxJam, who stands in front of a poster that says 'My Report on Spiders']

BoxJam: What does that last one have to do with spiders?

Little BoxJam: It's just another cool fact I found on the internet...