[[BoxJam walks up to the Flash (the superhero).]]

BoxJam: Hey, Flash ... I've got a beef with you!

BoxJam: YOU should be able to fly!

Flash: Believe me -- I've tried. It doesn't work...

BoxJam: Yeah, only because you're an idiot! Air's a fluid, right? SWIM through it like you're underwater! But do it fast, Brainiac! Makes WAY more sense than Superman flying!

Flash: Hmmm...

[[Flash tries it -- it's working. He flails his way into the air.]]

Flash: thanks, Citizen!

BoxJam: No problem...


[[Superman and Batman are kicking the crap out of the Flash, who lies on the ground in obvious pain. BoxJam is walking by.]]

Superman: This is for trying to fly like me!

Batman: And THIS is for looking like a putz doing it!

BoxJam (thinking): Jerk...