[[BoxJam speaks with Ms. BoxJam, who holds out a bag of trash.]]

BoxJam: Why hasn't a predator evolved that doesn't mind a skunk's smell>

Ms. BoxJam: Because skunks aren't extinct...

BoxJam: What?

Ms. BoxJam: We know one hasn't, because they'd quickly hunt skunks to extinction...

BoxJam: But that's not what I asked...I want to know WHY that hasn't happened...

Ms. BoxJam: FINE. I gues I'll build a time machine, and go ask Charles Darwin why that hasn't occurred.

BoxJam: That's a great idea!

[[Ms. BoxJam works on a time machine, which apparently drips off moonshine as a by-product]]

[[Ms. BoxJam apparates on a beach where we see a tortoise and a man, presumably Darwin.]]

Ms. BoxJam: Charles Darwin, why haven't predators evolved who don't mind a skunk's smell?

Darwin: Why are you holding a bag of trash?

[[BoxJam, beaming, holds out a 'thumbs up' sign]]

Caption: Score one for BoxJam!