[[Yellow figure (BoxJam?) stands while green figure walks away.]]

[[Yellow BoxJam(?) continues standing while green figure walks away.]]

[[Green figure with bow on head (Ms. BoxJam?) approaches yellow BoxJam(?)]]

[[The now-red Ms. BoxJam(?) puts a hand over her face while yellow BoxJam(?) points upward.]]

[[Red Ms. BoxJam(?) walks off, pointing, to the now-red BoxJam?'s surprise.]]

[[ Red BoxJam? is greatly alarmed as red Ms. BoxJam(?) curses, arms folded, walking towards a yellow thing (boat?), pounding the gunwhale.]]

[[Red BoxJam(?) covers his face while red Ms. BoxJam heads yells back from the yellow boat(?)]]

[[A red figure whistles while a now-green BoxJam(?) walks off, hand to his face.]]