[[BoxJam is sleeping]]

Alarm clock: <> <>

Intercom: BoxJam! Ishida wants eggs benedict at 6:07... and Campos needs a babysitter all morning!

BoxJam: Yes sir, Mr. Crosby...

[[BoxJam walks past a poster, "We can do it if we stay Keen," scowling.]]

[[BoxJam scrubs the floor]]

BoxJam: Your breakfast is on the table, Mr. Ishida...

Ishida: Where are the sluts!?

[[BoxJam lights Butch's cigar.]]

BoxJam (thinking): Man, nobody gets less respect at Keenspot than me...

[[BoxJam goes into the men's room.]]

[[A poster outside: "Vision: Some Crappy Slogan"]]

Voice: May I offer you a towel of cologne, Mr. BoxJam?

BoxJam: No thanks, Scrubbo...