[[Group of people loiter before a gated wall guarded by bearded man. Gate is adorned with music notes]]

[[Bearded guard looks at his pager/cell phone]]

<<*BEEP *BEEP*>>

[[Bearded guard clicks his pager, gate opens, and two figures walk to gate]]

Saint Peter: Sanders? Party of Two? Congratulations--enough prayers have been collected!


Mrs. Sanders: I know our son's family must've prayed a lot...

[[Saint Peter looks at pager again and three people wait]]

Saint Peter: Lookie there - Mr. Snedeker, you've just accumulated enough prayer points too!

[[Mr. Snedeker enters gate. Saint Peter addresses one of the waiting two figures.]]

Saint Peter: and Ms. Preston - your reservation is on file... right this way...

[[Last waiting figure, sitting hunched, looks toward Saint Peter as Ms. Preston enters gate]]

Hunched figure: Any progress on me, Pete?

Saint Peter: You're at 3 1/2, BoxJam...

[[Gates are closed with only BoxJam waiting]]

BoxJam: Three and a HALF!?

Saint Peter: Mallethead prayed once for "What's-his-name"...