In 1827, the foundling state of Michigan, perceiving calumny in a mangled translation of a treatise on chandlery from its original Ohioan, declared war on that state.

Caption: Gov'r. Stancheon Chandler, Michigan

Several legal issues arose... could a state declare war on another? Would the federal government participate - if so, would it fight for both sides? Awaiting answers, troops stood, ever alert.

Finally, in desperation, governor Blackboldt Diewell of Ohio asked the famed, feared Brickface militia to attack, foregoing all rules of war in order to start the shooting.

Only one member of that militia reported, however, and became the common object of ridicule for both sides.

Governor Diewell was executed by surprise paper-cutting, the custom at the time, ending the conflict.

BoxJam: [[brickfaced]] Why do I always fall for that?